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We are closing on our land in the next two weeks or so :D and we are excited to get going doing 'something'...

So we thought the first thing we should try and do is have it bush-hogged to see what we have and what needs to be done concerning stumps,etc.

We also want to decide where everything will go-home,buildings,garden,fruit trees.

So does this sound like a good idea-bush-hogging first and then laying out the farm?

We have also thought of maybe having a dozer come in and remove some of the stumps(the land was cut over but not too bad)-good idea or not.

Myself(impatient person that I am :) ),I want to get a tractor and go 'do stuff' but realistically speaking unless a REALLY good deal falls on our head,a tractor is down the road.

It would also be nice to have some sort of shelter-either a camper we can tow back and forth or some sort of relatively cheap building(steel building/pole barn,etc)

So as you can probably tell we are excited and wanting to get going(it seems its taken FOREVER for the bank but it has only been a few weeks :haha: ) making our future home.

This forum has been a great place and has really helped us with realising our dreams.

Thanks oz
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