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Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by okiemom, Jan 1, 2006.

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    May 12, 2002
    i am having problems w/ a rabbit. I am giving 16% pellets and she is gettting 6-8oz a day. yet her fur is ratty like fur mites and she is chewing her ear. I did have something like this before w/ 3 fryers. I thought they were chewing their fur off each other. I also tried ivemec but was too late we had a sudden drop in temp ( 30+ deg. in a few hrs.) and w/ fur missing I believe they froze.

    I thought it was fur mites and I gave 2/10 cc. ivemec. Waited a week and still thin and misisng fur . i have given 1 cc today :stars: . it will eighter cure her or kill her :confused: . she has chewed and ear and now has a huge rip in her nose. she is by herself in the cage she does has a rabbit next to her. Is this bordom?

    I have not notices any diareaha. she would have been deal long ago. What causes steady decline w/ fur thinning and wounds on appendages?

    I have had a few get ear mites and have treated them w/ oil an ivemec. Is anyone having trouble w/ resistant mites? I am dropping the ivemec on the back of the neck. Is it to be topical or oral?

    to up the protein can I mix rabbit pellets w/ alfalfa 1:1? will this help if the protein is too low?
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    May 10, 2003
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    With the chewed ear and a rip in the nose I would suspect the rabbit in the next cage. It would also explain the tattered looking fur. I don't know why they will do it, but I ocassionally have a rabbit that will lay right against the cage wall (actually 1x2 in wire divider) and the rabbit in the cage next to it will pull and scratch at it. I have had some pretty torn up before I realise it is going on. So if they can get to each other that may be the problem. If they can't reach each other could it possibly be a cat, dog, rat, or something reaching them from under the cage. It just sounds more like an outside injury than something that the rabbit is doing to itself. Dian

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    Jun 25, 2005
    I have something similar going on with a junior buck. He's hyper and easily agitated. Sometimes I see him pacing one side of the hutch like he's a little crazy. Some fur and weight loss too. He seems to eat enough, but mostly likes to dig in the bowl.

    I'm going to bring him inside for closer observation. I hope someone has some ideas what's going on.