Waste Oil Heating

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    I clipped this item from USENET the other day. (No, I'm not responsible for it.)
    Anyway, this fellow has some good ideas and seems to want to share the information so I'll paste his posting here. Looks interesting!


    I've been searching for a place to post what I have to offer anyone
    else thats interested in buring waste oil for heat, I guess this is a
    better place than I tried before. I only got a couple of responses in
    the crafts/welding area. Anyway, here goes:
    I was an old subscriber to the MEN (mother earth news) back when the
    rag first started. This is where I learned about savonious rotors,
    digesters and a whole bunch of alternate energy stuff.. Well, I moved
    to Florida back in 1980, and really didn't need all that then, but now
    I live in Arkansas and let me tell ya...it's a bit colder here. Well,
    still being into the alternate energy stuff, I got tired of cutting
    the tree, chopping the tree, splitting the logs, carrying the logs,
    stacking the logs, carting in the logs, burning the logs, and emptying
    the stove. Not to mention having to sit around in yer jockey shorts
    and having a boiling pan of water on the stove because you can't
    regulate the heat output worth a hoot without alot of expense and
    besides...cleaning the chimney isn't all that much fun either. Well...
    along came the idea of making the waste oil burning stove. Since I was
    already making my wood stoves out of old hot water heaters, I had a
    source for them. I downloaded that brief article from the old MEN
    article and built my version of that stove. Let me tell ya, I'm STILL
    sitting around in my jocky shorts cause it gets so hot, but have
    learned a few things from it along the way. First, that burner design
    lends itself to oil being splashed out into the sand bed and it clogs
    up the holes in the burner. It doesn't go too long before you have to
    rip it apart and clean it up to get it working again. The longer you
    let it go, the more fuel it uses and smokes like the dickens. Well, I
    looked for other designs without any luck. I saw a few variations on
    the subject, but for the most part found lots of professionally made
    devices for sale, but the price tag was way above what I wanted to
    spend. I'm kind of a cheapskake when it comes to this stuff. I figure
    if I can't build it out of bailing wire and bubble gum wrappers, it
    ain't worth building. I have done a small windplant using a
    servomotor, but the wind quality around here is the reason my sailboat
    is still in Florida. But I still like to tinker with it. Seems that
    when you need the heat the most in the winter is when the wind starts
    to howl... (Imagine that) So now, when it howls, I put the output
    across some heating coils with a little muffin fan blowing the hot air
    out. Anyway, back to oil...I came up with a much better design on that
    burner, but the only downside to it is that it needs forced air. Want
    to know how many GM cars that are in my local junk yard without the
    heater motors in them now? (Heh heh) They work perfectly!!! This
    design starts up without smoking, and runs without smoking, and burns
    extremely hot. The original intent of just sipping oil has been kept
    foremost in my design also. I get my oil at the local jiffy lube for
    next to nothing, and with this design, am burning some old peanut oil
    in it too! Smells so good you want to keep the door open.
    Bottom line is to see if anyone wants to share designs on this
    variation, and see if anyone else had trouble with that original MEN
    design, and if anyone else modified it? you can reach me at
    robotmakr@aol.com or.. i'll be watching this board.
    here are some links to pictures and a writeup on how I built it.
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    I found the article very interesting. Obviously he has spend a lot of time and effort in doing the waste oil burner. In the discussion where he is considering the heating of water there is a substainial safety related problem. The water in and the water out needs to go to a vented storage tank or he is going to have a boiler which could readily explode. If he uses an elevated vented storage tank it will thermo-siphon and he will not need a pump except to circulate the hot water through the area he is going to heat.