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  1. Hello - I have come the conclusion that I need to rent some acreage within 45 minutes of a larger city (work) and secluded enough to let my friendly dog run at his leisure. If anyone has any land that they're not using and wants to make some extra $$ for a few months, please respond.

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    Niki =)
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    Jun 24, 2002
    You'd do better to put this ad in the pennysaver in the area of the country you wish to live in. Ads are often free in pennysavers. Your request is too broad.

  3. If things are that bad for you then you might consider finding a piece of BLM land and filing a mining claim. That way, for a small filing fee a parcel of land (up to 160 acres) is your to use for a year. You need to refile each year and also swear-out a statement that you have spent at least $100 to develop mineral production during the past year.

    There should be no problem living in a travel trailer on the claim, since you can claim that it is living quarters for the miner (you!). Your presence, as well as the travel trailer, can be justified as 'mining related'.

    The BLM no longer likes to approve patent mining claims, which is a process where mining claims are deeded to the claimant for about $150/acre, so it is unlikely that you will ever won the land outright. However, if all you want is a piece of land to live on then the mining claim should do.
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    May 11, 2003
  5. You'll very likely not have much luck in finding someone who will rent you camping space for a few months. Too many renters in this area, and I know it's no different anywhere else, will rent a place and then the owner can't get them out for love or money without going through a big hassle with law enforcement. Maybe if you paid your rent up front for the time you think you'd be there, they'd consider it and probably minus your dog, at that. If the owner of the rented land has a dog or dogs also, a strange dog could spell disaster. More than one dog tends to run in packs and can get into all kinds of mischief.
  6. Southerngurl asked where to file a mining claim. Any BLM land that is not national forest, national park, wildlife preserve, military base, or otherwise reserved for some special purpose. Most BLM land can be claimed for minerals.

    I live in Nevada and most any place in the state can be claimed. Same is true for Arizona, New Mexico , Utah, etc.

    I just checked and the rules have changes somewhat. In addition to the county recording fee (usually about $10) a $100 annual fee must be paid to the BLM. The BLM fee was enacted to stop cheaters, who used to simply swear-out a statement that $100 work had been done when it hadn't.

    To see where mineral claims have been filed in your county you could check with your county recorder's office. They can give you an idea where claimable land might be found in your area.
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    Concerning you pup - any place within 45 minutes of a city is going to have leash laws and animal control people that will pick him up, lock him in a kennel and possibly fine you.
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    Within 45 minutes of A Larger City? What does that mean, where do you want to rent land? This forum sometimes includes people from around the world! (at least people from around North America!