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Discussion in 'Cattle' started by bugfarm, Apr 15, 2004.

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    I just bought my first milking devon -- a 4 month old bull -- and am in the market for a heifer. I have some contacts through the American Milking Devon Association, but would like to buy a heifer soon if that is possible. The young bull seems lonely with no other cows on the farm. He mooed all night long the first day on the farm and cried too. We have llamas and sheep. My farm is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Our intent is to breed these animals for milk,meat and labor and also to help preserve the breed.
  2. I just purchased a small herd of registered Milking Devons from a charming lady in Southern Minnesota. Five bred cows, two last year's heifers, and a 2 year old bull.

    Four of the five cows have yet to produce a calf this year but the four remaining are carrying a calf or two.

    It might be that I could be enticed to part with a heifer this fall; if Odin is kind enough to keep Loki out of my fields and barns.

    Haggis @ Wolf Cairn Moor

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    Pardon the pun (keeping me "posted"), but keep me in mind as your herd grows. I will check back with you in the Fall if I don't find a companion (or two) for my bull by then. Thanks -- sandra.