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The government and the food supply are intertwined and no one is going to cut those ties too soon.

If my crop fails, I get disaster payments to off-set the loss. If I don't like the market price at harvest, I can use loan programs to keep my grain and sell it later. If I like the price now, I can contract for next year. If nothing else, there is LDP, which I can count on.

If I don't like the prices and don't see it as improving, I can cut my losses and sell out of that commodity. We sold most of our hogs a few years ago when the market went down. We are getting ready to start them back up again, in a smaller way.

I've noticed lots more cattle in the odd lots around here. Prices are up, so people are putting that old cattle equipment to use, or putting a couple steers in the back pasture. When prices go down, those extra steers disappear.

There are lots of tools out there to use to be successful at farming. One must keep up to date, keep learning and stay on top of things.

I farm for the love of farming. I hope I'm building equity, but all that can be lost in a flash, same as a crop. I don't know anyone who farms because they are making a million dollars at it. I hear alot about corporate farms, but I've never actually seen one. Not around here. There are bigger guys here, that lease all the land they can get, but that is how they wish to do things. There is room for them as well as people like me, who choose to buy the land.

I plan on staying in business for as long as I can. I don't doubt that I will be able to do so.

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