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There has been a long-standing political consensus that the 1950s blacklist was an ignominious time for the country. That is why leadership is needed from both Democrats and Republicans to promote legal protections against political discrimination and lift cancel culture's malevolent, anti-free speech, anti-democracy cloud from the social and political landscape.

If the Virginia election was not a wake-up call about the woke threat to democracy, then a recent Hill-HarrisX poll should be.

Released on Nov. 8, the poll found 76% of Republicans, 70% of Democrats, and 68% of independents either strongly or somewhat agree that "cancel culture" has gone too far. The poll used the Merriam-Webster definition of cancel culture: as “the practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure." That finding is consistent with a March 2021 Harvard-Harris poll, which found an astounding 64% believe "a growing cancel culture" is a threat to freedom.

For most people, the fundamental threat to freedom of thought and political affiliation is not from the far Right, but from the Left. Emboldened by the left-leaning media, "cancel culture" is trammeling the cherished American tradition of permissible ideological differences and open public policy discourse. People who want to speak their minds now face scurrilous labeling, censorship, and retaliation.
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