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There's been an outbreak of VS reported in TX. The state ag dept page will have more info...KY has already closed the border to any livestock including horses that has been in TX in the last 30 days. Vesicular Stomatitis - The host range in decreasing order of severity of infection are horses, donkeys, mules, cattle, swine, and man. Animals develop a fever ranging to 104-106o F (40-41o C). Blisters in the mouth may cause the animal to chomp its jaws, drool, and rub its mouth on the manger or other objects. Lesions on the coronary band can cause lameness. In cattle and pigs it appears similar to Foot & Mouth Disease. People - causes an influenza-like illness; there is fever, headache, muscular aches, and blisters in the mouth similar to those caused by herpesvirus. The disease course is 4 to 7 days.
It *will* spread from animal to animal via contact, feed bunks, etc. Any animals with blisters in the mouth (almost 70% of the cases) should be reported to the state ag department immediately. It is *not* is *not* FMD! But it takes a vet diagnosis to separate it. In this case it's said FMD was not considered seriously because *horses* are also involved.

The horses and cattle on the ranch affected have been quarantined. But it'd pay to be very aware of the signs and contact the state ag deparment if anything like this shows up.
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