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Volunteer Roma, round 2

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I had a roma volunteer where I have asparagus growing. I decided to let it stay. It does not get any direct sun, at all, either. Well,it lasted the 'winter' and yesterday I picked 2 ripe toms from it. I'm looking forward to a 2nd year of freebies from it.
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Great Scott Birdie, Which side of the equater are you on. On this side winter is still breathing down our necks. Hasn't hit 40 degrees in about 43 days. And we are way down in tropical Indiana. Farther north is where summer is just one day of poor sledding. As near as we come to tomatoes is a new bottle of catsup!
On a more serious note, we have had several different volenteer romas that had crossed with the large slicers. They have small round tomatoes that have few seeds and perfect skins. About the size of the Holland tomatoes they sell in clusters in stores. They work well for putting in freezer as they don't have so much watery juice.
Maybe Birdee's soil is still warm from all those fires of last summer.
We've got 20 inches of snow and lots more to come before winter's over.

2 feet of ice on the lakes.

My mouth is watering at the thought of a garden fresh tomato.
It was 5 degrees below zero as I drove to work this morning. Thank you for bringing back memories of the beautiful winter gardens I grew in southern California! Enjoy the sunshine!
I'm in San Diego county, and the weather has just been doing the yoyo...yesterday it was so cold, I could see my breath's breath! It get's pretty cold, we just don't get the rain to make snow when it's that cold.

Anyway, it's been bouncinf from teh 30's to the 70's, and like I said, where that tom is get's 0% direct sun. My grey water from the washing machine lets out into a trench about 1 1/2-2' from the plant, itself. Never had any luck when I actually planted toms there, and I've never had any romas, so this one was a surprise. I've had sucessful pea's there, though.

It's still to the point where I haven't planted anything for fear of frost, but I'm itching to get out there, come March.

Oh, and my Botany instructor is so excited about our field trips to the burn areas. He's just a wild man. Check out his site www.waynesword/
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