volunteer potatoes and cucs

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    I have some volunteer potatoes (from my 1-eyed Yukons, lol) that are 2 weeks or more ahead of the ones I put in the ground 10 days ago (and haven't sprouted). DH had even tilled this section twice in one spot this spring. I had used the hay flake method last year for the potatoes and cole crops and that was the neatest way to garden. Some weeds got going in between the flakes afterwards and DH decided we needed to till it under. Don't know if I'll have access to more hay this year. I went ahead and forked them out of their volunteer spot and moved them. On a couple I could actually see the potato, but for the most part I don't think I disturbed too much root. A couple were 5-6 inches high, but most were around 2 inches. What should I expect from these plants? Is this normal to have volunteers, or is it because we had a mild and pretty dry winter here in Z5? I also have quite a few volunteer cucs and moved 3 of them, which are also ahead of my 2006 seedlings. I expect that these could be crosses. I had 3 varieties last year. Is it worth transplanting more?
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    From the potatoes, you can fully expect Yukon Golds just as you had before. Planting from tuber pieces, you are growing clones. Doesn't matter if they were stored in a cozy basement or cold ground. As long as they didn't freeze, they'll come to life. Commercial growers use maleic hydrazide on their fields to specifically prevent volunteers. If you treat those volunteers as you would any other potato plant, you'll get spuds from them.