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Vivian Pictures!!Holstein calf with NO umbilical infection!!

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Hey, I hope these get through!! Isn't she just the cutest thing? I have never seen such big eye on a cow. The umbilical infection is gone!! She has pneumonia now:shrug: but we are working on that! Still tube feeding her three times a day, but she seems to be getting stronger. Thank you all so very much for your most excellent advice!

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If Nuflur is not cutting it a round of Draxxin is the next step. Also so Bactrum/SMZ tablets dissolved in teh milk will help too.
Ther eis different strains of pnuemonia that respond differently to teh drugs on the market today.
I cant help wondering if you can use the sulmet??? Becuz it does help to get rid of resp. infections. I am just wondering..
Sulmet/ Bactrum/ SMZ
Are all a sulfamephazine product. Bactrum/SMZ are teh pills the docs give humans for infections also. The vet is a cheap source for them if you do not have insurance to cover them.
Also in larger form are Sustain III. These are a controled release form. Use these in bigger calves and cattle.
On the eating idea. Maybe she is not hungry. Being tubed 3 times a day she might be full most of teh time. And she mmigth be nibbling on then nice bales her pen is made out of too. Might try skipping a feeding and she how she is.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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