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Vivian Pictures!!Holstein calf with NO umbilical infection!!

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Hey, I hope these get through!! Isn't she just the cutest thing? I have never seen such big eye on a cow. The umbilical infection is gone!! She has pneumonia now:shrug: but we are working on that! Still tube feeding her three times a day, but she seems to be getting stronger. Thank you all so very much for your most excellent advice!

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Bulldog how about an update? Honestly I think she looks healthy...The bottom half of the rear legs do look strange. I noticed the first day you posted pics, one thing at a time right...Update?
Look depressed but healthy, excercise is important for sure. The calf has lost it's cord so it's older than we think. I just let three of my new ones out today, runnning and running, kicking and running. Excercise is important, so is sunshine...I'd move the calf into the sunlight if possible or at least increase the size of it's living area....Topside1
Bulldog you are doing an excellent job, believe me troubleshooting calves can be overwhelming. Lots of posts now to read and remember, but at this point here is what I'd do: We must first agree she's a big calf with plenty of weight on her. Next I'd take a rectal temperature, if that's normal I'd stop feeding her all together. Nothing, no tubing, no electrolytes, nothing. This will allow her throat to heal, her stomach system to settle and hopefully kick her appetite into high gear. When she begins mooing like the world is coming to an end, she's hungry. No feedings for two days 48 hours or less, depending on results. I honest believe that her digestive tract is a disaster, bloat. This tactic may sound cruel, but may also save her life. Choices at this point are few. As always, free choice water and calf starter....Wish you luck...Topside

One last thing, how many pints of MR are you feeding her, per feeding?
Is her poop solid, liquid, pudding like, bloody, what color?
Her belly sure is big in the photos, looks bloated even two weeks ago.
Giving lots of pepto bismol may also do wonders during her fast.
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Bulldog you started this project with a huge disadvantage, overall you did all that you could. Take on another calf asap, you have now seen how bad side of raising calves. Odds are you will never have another calf die in your lifetime...You next calf will give you years of joy....topside
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