Vitamin / Mineral explainations

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    ZINC: Is vital for the immune, hormonal, enzyme and reproductive systems.
    Deficiency symptoms include poor growth, dermatitis, especially affecting the
    tender areas and feet. Respiration may be abnormal, anemia may occur, skin
    lesions may develop and animals may walk with a stiff gait when deficiencies
    are present. A zinc deficiency may easily be confused with a deficiency of
    Vitamin A, copper or excessive selenium.

    VITAMIN A: When still in the carotene form such as found in hay, is very
    susceptible to destruction by heat and oxidization during storage. Commonly
    known as the anti-infection vitamin. Necessary for maintenance of the
    epithelial tissue, the surgace tissue lining the mucus membranes, (mouth, nose,
    eyes, G.I. and reproductive tracts). If A is deficient normal secretion,
    excretion and absorption by this tissue is interfered with and bacterial
    invasion occurs. Outward deficiency signs include nasal discharge, coughing,
    scouring and watery eyes. Redness and swelling around the dewclaws, swelling
    in the brisket and stiffness in hock and knee joints may occur as well. In
    dairy, an increase in the incidence of mastitis and other udder problems may be
    observed. Zinc deficiencies, nitrates and low ash rations increase the need
    for Vitamin A.

    SELENIUM: In conjunction with Vitamin E assists in the prevention of white
    muscle disease as well as in preventing retained placentas. Excesses include
    dullness, poor feed intake, anemia with atrophy of the heart and liver; sore
    feet with excessive growth to the point that the hoof may slough off.

    COPPER: Along with iron is essential for hemoglobin formation. Also necessary
    for the immune, hormonal, enzyme and reproductive systems. A deficiency may
    result in anemia, growth depression, depigmentation of hair, impaired
    reproduction and heat failure, retained placentas and difficulty in kidding as
    well as scours.

    VITAMIN D: Is necessary for all farm animals and is not snythesized by either
    plants or animals. Need is especially critical during rapid growth, pregnancy
    and lactation. Knows as the sunshine vitamin, the vitamin is synthesized by
    the action of light upon a precursor or vitamin. A deficiency may also result
    in swollen and stiff joints and hocks, the back arches, stiffness of gait and
    dragging of hind feet occur.

    VITAMIN E: Known as the anti-sterility or fertility vitamin. Deficiency may
    result in white muscle disease, heart failure and varying degrees of paralysis
    normally in young animals. A deficiency may result in less production,
    increased susceptibility to disease including mastitis as well as poor
    A copper deficiency can cause:
    Nerve loss (Ataxia loss of muscular coordination)
    Retained placentas
    Lack of estrus
    Lack of libido
    Hoof rot
    Abnormal hoof growth or soft hoof growth
    Swollen fetlocks
    Laminitis (high rumen acid upsets copper absorption)
    Undigested feed in manure
    Worm resistance
    Low production
    Abmormal appetite
    High somatic cell count
    Heart abnormalities
    Anemia (iron and cobalt also play a role)
    Tongue lolling
    Retarded growth
    Sudden death
    Fat cow syndrome (fatty liver disease)
    Hair off color, no bloom

    Selenium Deficiency can cause:
    Knuckling fetlocks and/or weak hind legs
    Retained placentas
    Lack of esterus
    Tailess sperm in semen
    High somatic cell count
    White muscle disease
    Heart abnormalities
    Sudden death
    Hair off color, no bloom
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