Vitamin B and Minerals for goats??

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  1. BiGtImEfArMeRs4

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    Oct 23, 2004
    Hayy, can anyone please tell me what vitamin b and mineral does for goats?? Alsoi, can anyone tell me of anything that you give to your goats to help produce milk, or to keep them healthy? Thanks and God Bless!
  2. Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians

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    May 6, 2002
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    Goats have four stomachs, one of their stomachs, the rumen is where everything they eat goes, is attacked by healthy bacteria that lives in the rumen, the goat coughs up a small amount of this material and along with the acid of he saliva in her mouth, further helps the bacteria break down the food. As the food goes into the large intestine, and then the small, all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the blood stream. The healhty rumen also produces it's own Vitamin B's, so in a healhty goats with a good working rumen no Vitmain B suplements of any kind or needed.

    In a perfect world, the goat should be able to have 1 or 2 kids, produce enough milk to feed them, on what she can browse through the land. But, predispose her to milking much more than the 1 quart per day alot of poor milkers milk, give her grain that increases the amount of kids she has, milk her past the 3 months the kids are just nursing, or confine her in a home with no large acreage to eat through, and you have mineral defficiency, because the only minerals she is getting are coming from what you bring her. In our area the iron level is so high in the does because we live on an iron ore hill, the pasture and woods are high in iron rich feeds, and the water contains iron, so this scews the way the goats absorb other minerals.

    Goats produce milk by eating carbohydrates. Now if they are milking and growing well yes they could stand some more protein than what you get in 8% and 12% corn and oats. To milk even better you add calcium to the diet, because it takes so much of this for the girls to make milk. Why alfalfa pellets are so attractive, they have both 17% protein and the most calcium of any feed stuff.

    Goats thrive on consistancy, switching your feeding program around quickly, is really hard on them. Feeding them feeds that are high in molassas acidifies the contents of their rumen which kills the beneficial bacteria. Feed too much grain too quickly and this sets up an acid rumen. So you can then put out baking soda.

    What you do is walk this fine line between doing enough, but not doing so much that the goats cost more than the gallon of milk they are giving you is worth, or they cost you so much in time you burn yourself out. Vicki

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    Dec 4, 2002
    Vicki has explained everything very well.
    As for the minerals, because as she stated we are not in a perfect world and most of us have confined animals or very little acreage and browse, so we as responsible owners have to provide the minerals for them especially copper and selenium which all our land now days is very low in. So most of us provide loose goat minerals free choice.
    I only use BComplex vitamins when I have had a goat get sick, in which case they need the extra boost as their rumen is not working right enough to produce their own. Also the antibiotics that we use to aid them depletes their body of the vitamins.