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Until recently, we only had two ewes. They are on pasture, but it is dead (no irrigation). We were feeding alfalfa, but noticed the sheep looked pregnant or bloated. We have always offered the Vitalix Tub (formulated for sheep) to meet their free choice mineral requirement and give them A LITTLE grain as incentive to go in their pen at night. After conferring with the Shepard that sold us our sheep we switched to orchard grass instead of alfalfa and reduced the grain even more.
The sheep we have had continue to look bloated. We got two more ewes who were regular size and within two days they too look bloated.
All sheep are healthy and don't seem affected by anything-they just look bloated. I thought worms could be the issue even without any clinical signs, but that would not explain why the two new ones bloated up so quickly.
I spoke with the local co-op sheep expert and she thought that the molasses or something in the Vitalix might be contributing because of the sugars? It does seem like they are always licking the Vitalix Tub. Anyhow, advice would be appreciated as we want to get more sheep or breed, but not until we get this food or bloat situation dialed.
Thanks from Southern Oregon-Jessica
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