Virgins and one stubborn doe...

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    Apr 5, 2017
    Hiya! My first post and it got kinda long, sorry! So this year is all about homesteading for me and I'm all setup for breeding meat rabbits. Built a cage, got all the supplies and bought two rabbits. I have a champagne d'argent buck and a silver fox doe. Both are a year old, from different breeders and have never bred... The doe was overweight so I put her on a low protein diet and she has slimmed down now.

    Okay, so far I've tried breeding them 3 times now. First time I put the doe in with the buck they where scare of each other, a lot of running/grunting and aggressive behavior from the doe. Then I put the buck in the doe's cage so they could smell each other. Sometime later I put them back together and got some confused mating, buck definitely not connecting and doe not lifting. Second time waited a few weeks and doe is just running from the buck or going after him. I put my hand in to stop the circling and doe flattens out, wont lift, but lets the buck mount. He crawls all over her, nudging her sides. He can't connect, her rolls seem to be in the way. Third time, waited a few weeks and tried again... running around, boxing and fur pulling. Buck looks more serious and is.. (ahem) visibility excited. Doe is ignoring him, couple thumps, then lays down and let's him mount but won't lift and rolls are in the way.

    So we're pretty frustrated here and Im thinking of selling or trading the doe for a more experienced one. Should I keep trying? What am I doing wrong? I went though a lot to get her and it's very unlikely I'll be able to get another silver fox. I REALLY want this to work, but she's just so stubborn. Even if I get them to breed what if she's a terrible mother? What do you guys think?
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    You may need to get in and help by raising her rear if she refuses to lift. Beware this sometimes confuses the
    Buck more than he may already be. Also check the doe to be sure she's ready to be bred.

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    Whenever you put the doe and buck together, write down that date. She may get bred
    and if you don't give her a nest box a few days before day 31 comes around, you maybe
    in for a surprise litter on the wire.
    Always put the doe in the buck's cage. Don't put the buck in her cage, or she may
    beat him up. That's her cage.
    Put her in with the buck every day till you see him do the deed. Don't wait a week
    or two before trying again. Stand there and watch. Don't walk away, don't turn
    your head. It can be over in seconds.

    I had one dwarf doe, I would have bet you money she was not bred. Every time
    I put her in with the buck, she would bounce around that cage, like a ping pong ball.
    The day I saw her with hay in mouth, I quick put the box in with her and she had
    babies. She repeated being hard to get bred every time, but some how she did.
    it was write the first date down, every time too.
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    Take the Doe to the Buck.

    Hold her for him. Just take one hand, hold by back of the Neck, other hand reach under her belly and hold up a little.

    big rockpile
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