virgin goat w/one breast different

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    Apr 14, 2005
    I'm new at this...have had 2 goats since January. We're planning on breeding them next month. We have no bucks on property, so I know she's not pregnant. Her left breast has a hardened area around her nipple, all the way around, about 2" in diameter. The right one doesn't have it, so it's alarming me. Could it be hormones affecting her? Should we seek medical attention? Seems to me if it was on one side, it would also be on the other side. I'm not sure if it's tender, as she's not used to being touched there. I'm trying to get her used to me, so when it's milking time, she won't be so skittish. That's how I discovered it. Both nipples look the same, it's just around the left nipple that I'm concerned with. Thanks for any info.
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    (fyi, on goats the terms you are looking for the udder and the teats)

    don't have much experience on that, but one of my goats had tumors in her udder, and they were hard. ended up donating her to a vet school.

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    Yes, I've seen in in copper deficient virgin does It's subclinical mastitis, and I never got it to respond to any treatment---whether systemic antibiotics or custom made mastitis tubes derived from a milk culture and sensitivity test.

    Both doelings were culled finally, and once I adjusted the copper content in the feed, I never saw it in the herd again.