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video of doe with pre-kidding uneven udder

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This doeling is due to kid on May 21st, first freshening. The smaller side of the udder seems to feel a little warmer than the larger side....hard to tell, but seems to. Her temp is 103.4 She is eating well and seems active. She had a bad bad upper respiratory cold about 4 weeks ago, bad green boogers, awful cough. We gave her Pen G for that, as per the vet's instructions and she got better. I'd appreciate any advice. We've got the vet coming out later today to check her out, vaccinate 4-H dairy heifer, and look over the new colt.

Anyhow, the video on the doeling is:
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Wow that is quite a difference! Does she have any milk in that side? I wouldn't milk the larger side but would wait and see if the other catches up when she gets closer to kidding.
No suggestions but I liked the hot pink pants :)
You could test her for mastitis, just in case. What did the vet think about it?
definitely interested in what the vet has to say. Sugar's udder looks like that now but was normal before.
I too am wondering what the vet will say. Makes me wonder if there is a problem in a duct somewhere.

I hope it turns out to be all ok.
The vet did NOT want to try to milk anything out, as that could cause MORE trouble if she had no problem. He said her udder felt soft and pliable on both sides and just to watch her. I mentioned that in a Dairy Goat Journal article, one person had been giving naxcel for the last ten days prior to kidding. He didn't feel that would serve any purpose since it wouldn't get enough meds to the udder. I agreed with him on the NOT milking or messing with the orifices in any way, but I am going to take her temp each day and watch her closely. My daughter has already started bringing her in to the stand each day. Someone mentioned that we should also teat dip her each day...any thoughts on that?
It looks like my does udder before I found out her year old daughter was sneaking milk. She just liked the one side and I was worried till I separated them and all was back to normal.
Doe's temp was 104 tonight. While she is black, and it was a nice day, the day only got into the 60's maybe, and the light was off the pen when I took her temp.
Naxcel, gentamycin and pennicillin (although only gram negative) are the only mastitis meds we really have, so with your vet not knowing even this, I wouldn't take much stock in the rest of his help with this. You have to always remember that unless your vet has been helping a major herd in your area for years, it is unlikely he is doing anything but guessing or using cattle information. And with cows having 4 quarters, whats the loss of's 1/2 your milk in your goat and it's simply unsightly. So make sure when you talk to your vet he isn't just talking about doing something to kill the half, because it can be to them a 'cure'. The problem is, they can then blow out and abscess even in a blind half that infects your herd. It's obviously a problem to be bothering you, you have been around a long time, when it's something that is bothering me I expect my vet who I don't bug for much of anything to take me seriously and run the tests that need to be ran, and look up the drugs that work in goats. Cause I can wait and watch at home without paying a vet bill :)

Milk her out if you can get anything out of her test it via LSU (the addy is in goatkeeping 101 at then treat her before she freshens...especially since most mastitis is so contagious! Vicki
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Doe's temp was down to 102.6 this morning. I ordered PIRSUE via Valley Vet and am going to ask my vet to call in the prescriptions today. There are no suckers in the pen, just two lambs who've never been on anything but a bottle, a herd mate that was bottle raised and a bucket calf that was bottle raised. I am out there A LOT and no one even attempts or looks interested. I am wondering if someone stepped on her in the shed during our horrible rainy weather? There are no cuts or anything, but who knows.
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