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    Folks, let me say that what you see here is EXACTLY what I receive from the VA. Any ads you see here is what the VA sends me! I will put these up for a month, if you don't want them, just let me know and I will file them in my round file. :cool:

    Veterans Report: Print And Post (18 September 2006)

    Agent Orange Study Ending
    Government health advisers are debating what should be done with data collected by a 24-year federal study of the health effects of exposure to Agent Orange among thousands of Air Force veterans who served during the Vietnam War. The study is set to end at the end of September, 2006. Congress has designated the Medical Follow-up Agency, an agency of the Institute of Medicine, to be the future custodian of the study material. Legislation authorizing the transfer is pending in the House and Senate.

    How do you feel about this action? Let your public officials know how you feel!

    Deal of the Week: 10% Off Tactical Clothing and Gear
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    Veterans Mortgage Programs Popular
    Under Alaska's Veterans Mortgage Program, qualified Alaska veterans can obtain an interest rate that is about one-half of a percent lower than the rate of a conventional mortgage. Besides Alaska, four other states offer similar mortgage programs for their veterans -- California, Texas, Oregon and Wisconsin. A dramatic increase in the number of veterans' loans obtained from these programs this year is the result from congressional action earlier this year that eliminated a provision in federal law restricting eligibility in the program to only veterans who entered active duty service prior to January 1, 1977 and who applied for a loan within 30 years of discharge. For more information, visit the Alaska Veterans Mortgage Program Website at

    GI Bill Payment Rates Increased
    The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced that the GI Bill will soon be worth $38,700 - a total increase of nearly $1,500 over last year's rate. This total is based on the new monthly full-time student payment rate of $1,075 multiplied by the 36-month limit. If you are GI Bill eligible you get the increase no matter when you became eligible or begin using it.

    Visit the Military-Friendly School Finder and search our database of 4,000 schools and their military attributes. Find the right school for your education needs.

    Brain Injury Funding Amendment Passes
    Legislation increasing the amount of funding for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center to $19-million dollars received unanimous approval by the U.S. Senate recently. The increased funding would be used by the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (– which is headquartered at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and coordinates efforts at ten facilities in several other states, including Virginia, California, Texas, Florida, Minnesota and North Carolina. These centers provide state-of-art, innovative medical care including physical rehabilitation and speech therapy.

    Court Brings Back Judges
    Chief Judge William Greene, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, has called up two retired federal judges to help the court deal with an unprecedented number of pending appeals. The decision has earned the praise of the chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. "I’m hopeful this will help cut down on the record number of cases before the court and help the court keep up with the record level of incoming cases," said Sen. The court is now taking in over 300 new cases per month and the number of pending cases has grown to over 5,800.

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    Legionnaires Mobilize for Readiness
    The leader of the American Legion has called upon its members to review their home and post disaster response plans and encouraged posts in communities across the nation to get involved with local emergency management authorities. With September being National Preparedness Month, all Americans are urged to review plans to deal with the unexpected and have a family plan in place. Information on how to prepare is available at Posts can order printed materials to provide to citizens in their communities by calling the Dept. of Homeland Security at 1-800-BE-READY.

    Army Emergency Relief Offers Scholarships
    Army Emergency Relief (AER) offers financial aid for full-time college study for dependent children of retired Soldiers. Scholarships are awarded based primarily on financial need and secondarily on academic achievements and individual accomplishments. The only way to ensure your child will be considered is to mail the application and all requested documents by Mar. 1, 2007. Applications for the 2007-2008 academic year scholarships will be available at the Army Emergency Relief Website at from Nov. 1 through Mar. 1, 2007. Mailed applications and/or supporting documentation must be postmarked no later than Mar. 1, 2007.

    Remember: Not applying for scholarships is like turning down free money. Get started on your search for scholarships today - visit the Scholarship Finder.

    Comprehensive Review of Military Awards
    The Department of Defense has begun a comprehensive review of military awards and decorations. This review is expected to continue over the next six to eight months and will involve but not be limited to the following: (1) Honor and Valor awards with particular focus on clarity of criteria and processes; (2) The "V" device and the Purple Heart medals in eliminating disparate qualification criteria among the military services; (3) Expeditionary medals in regard to how the theatre of operations is defined; and (4) Iraqi and Afghanistan campaign medals with regard to subsequent awards of these campaign medals, with a goal of appropriately recognizing service over multiple tours in those theatres of operations.,12914,VR_Print_060918,00.html?

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