Venison - How to Field Dress, Butcher, Prepare/Cook/Preserve

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    On a totally unrelated search I came up with this site. Even though I don't hunt, this information is too good not to share. Good timing, as so many are bringing home the venison since the season opened. Oh, in case you don't bookmark the site and later kick yourself for not doing so, I've also posted it on the "Links Library". :p

    Although the site is geared toward Michigan venison, the processing, preparation, cooking and preserving would apply anywhere. Not only do they tell you the best procedure for shooting deer, the recipes tell you how to utilize all parts of the deer except the lower legs and offal.

    A great site for not only beginners but seasoned hunters and their spouses. There are links to a few illustrations at the bottom of the page showing the proper cuts.

    From the Michigan State University Extension.
    Michigan Venison - How to Field Dress, Butcher, Prepare/Cook/Preserve