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veneta oregon

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anybody know anything about hte Veneta oregon area?
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I used to live in Monroe Oregon and taught school in Blachley. My, things have changed if Veneta has become expensive!!! Back when I was there the area around Blachley and Monroe was much cheaper (part of why I lived there!). If you are looking in Oregon in general the area between Newport and the Coast is also very nice (Alsea, Siletz). I used to teach in Philomath also - but know the areas that close to Corvallis and OSU have gotten expensive. The Oregon Country Fair is certainly an "event". :D
BlueJuniperFarm said:
There isn't anyplace in the whole Valley that's cheap anymore. You must have lived there a long time ago! My sister and bil live in Philomath, and spent over a year looking for property they could afford. They wanted to get out of town and have an acre or so in the country, but ended up with a manufactured home in town on a town lot -- and can barely afford that. Better than renting, though, I guess.

Kathleen in K. Falls
Wow, I bought my first house in Corvallis in 1975 - small two bedroom close to the college (I was a student). For 16,000! Must be worth a fortune now.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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