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    Jan 19, 2017
    Hello all,
    We have a veggie garden in our front yard. Yesterday I felt some foul smell while gardening and I noticed that the sewer was backing up whenever the toilet is flushed. I am worried about my garden now. If this keeps on backing up, then possibly within few days it could contaminate our garden. What shall we do now?? I found few tips in an online article, but I would like to hear solutions for this based on your experience. As said in the article we are maintaining the drain in good condition and it is outside. What else shall I do to control this sewer backup? Any suggestions?
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    Nov 14, 2008
    You have a clog or a broken sewer or a plugged septic system. You will have to find it and fix it before the swamp in your garden goes away. If you have a septic tank, that is the most likely place to start digging. Find the top, open the tank lid, and have a septic pumper come out. If the septic tank hasn't been pumped in a long time, chances are the solids have overflowed the tank and run into the distribution/drain system and clogged it up. If you are on a city/municipal sewer system, most likely cause will be a broken line. You'll have to determine whether you, or the city is responsible for fixing it.

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    Call a plumber to fix the sewer problem . shovel up and dispose of solid waste . spread lime to kill odor .
    uv rays from the sun will kill the bacteria from the spill .
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    Jan 17, 2015
    Rotorooter or someone who can run a camera down the drain to see what is going on and where. Not cheap though. Sounds like you have a big bill coming if you cannot do it yourself.
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    if you know the approximate path of the pipe -----go too the dry side of the problem a few yards and dig there--downslope----then ya can bust into the pipe there and try too do the repairs & removal of rootbound pipes ---where the sewage swamp isn't at ---if your LUCKY ---then if its unblocked in a nice dry spot --ya can run a small 1/2 pvc pipe upstream shal wee say too search for the blockage spot ---if your very lucy y can unblock it yaself and save a fortune of a plumbing bill & if you were a plumber would you give a discount for working in SOMEONE ELSES waste ??----- after working on too many danged septic lines --im glad im not you :( hope it works out as a simple fix though :)