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Valbazen Wormer

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What is the dosage...I'm finding conflicting dosages. Does the dose need to be repeated? Is it given to goats orally?
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Goats and sheep should ALWAYS be wormed orally
1cc per 10 pounds given orally and all wormers no matter what route they are labeled for are given orally in goats. The only exception would be if you are going after lice, mites, nosebots or menengial worm. 48 hour milk withdrawal.

What are you using Valbazen for? It contains a flukeicide to go after liver flukes like Ivermectin plus does. Flukecides can slough fetus in the uterus when given during the implantation period of pregnancy, at least 11 days. So using it for tapes, or another cool weather stomach worm wouldn't make alot of sense. It is not a good wormer for blood sucking HC worms, so once again unless you had a high number of liverflukes on fecal, I would not recommend a wormer like this in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are using it for just stomach worms than use Ivermectin or Synanthic or Levamisole or Cydectin.

Valbazen works well for us for tapes in kids, I also use it once before show/appraisal so I don't have tapes in my adults. They are the only worm you see with your naked eye and it makes a bad impression with the public, although tapes do nothing to healthy adult goats. But other than that, or liver flukes or lungworms, it isn't a drug of choice anymore. Another bendazole like safeguard/panacure (fenbendazoles) who have lost their effectiveness from overuse...most do to the original Thiabensazole (TBZ) from years back which it an arsenic were the only two wormers avaliable. Vicki
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I'm mostly concerned about lung worm. Gretta has a cough after she runs...has had this since I got her a year ago. The last time I wormed her was in May (Ivermectin 1%) . I have done 3 fecals since and haven't found any eggs...but, I'm learning (I did 2) and the one I had the vet do I question because it may not have been fresh enough. I am so scared of worms. I also use Molly's herbal wormer...probably over kill but makes me feel better. None of my goats are pregnant and I don't milk. They are pets. If I use the Valbazen should I repeat the dose? Thanks! :)
Ivermectin 1% gets lungworms.

If you already purchased the Valbazen than use it, but no you don't need to reworm.

Lungworm is a specific test, and a goat would be debilitated if they had lungworm for a year. Plus all your other goats would be coughing.

If your fecals are clear, than one worming is fine, but do fecal check during the winter and really watch for the spring hatch. Vicki
Great! Thanks for the help :)
My goats give a couple of coughs when they run but rarely at other times so I just assume that they are burping.

Last summer one had a chronic cough so I treated all of them with Valbazen. That didn't clear it up so I treated them with Levamisole and that took care of it.
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