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Discussion in 'Home Defense/Guns' started by Kirk, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Kirk

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    Oct 30, 2003
    Just got a Service Connected (SC) award of 10% for my liver disease from the VA. $106 a month increase in pay, Of course they want back the $26,000 they gave me when I got out first. So in about 20 years I will start seeing some money.

    I was not expecting an award based on liver disease. I asked for SC of my renal failure due to my liver disease. The VA denied that claim so it is on appeal at the BVA. I also, having looked at the requirements for a higher rating on the liver disease, think I may be entitled to 100% since I have many of the listed symptoms required for 100%. I will be filing a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) on The 10%, the begining of next month, after I get a few doctors letters together.

    Sometimes I think the VA is just stalling in hopes that the veteran will give up or die. I think they gave me 10% hoping it would make me go away, even though they know I should be rated much higher.

    Feel free to add you own VA rants and horror stories here.

  2. Terri

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    May 10, 2002
    Well, I don't have a rant but it IS odd. My Father gets $15 a month for the damage done to his feet. The damage is due to wear and tear, but it IS permanant.

    I always thought it strange that they would pay out such a small amount. Then again, we are talking about the Korean war, so perhaps the money went a lot farther back then. I wouldn't know how much $15 was worth, back then, it was before I was born.