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    I just wanted to mention that in 1993 My VA benifits were taken away because I lived with a man and was now concidered his comnon law wife. We live in Mo which is not a common law state. That is why we moved here. Anyway back to my point. I was also told by a attorny that I could fight it for years but that I would just lose more money and not win the case. VA did tell me howerver that a common law wife can get VA benifits. So if you know of any service men who were living with a women and can prove that they shared a house or home she is entitled to those benifits. VA will not tell anyone this and if you call they will tell you that you don't quallify. What they don't tell you is they have no responcablity to the corect answer on the phone legaly. My boyfriend ask me to marrie him. I said no I will not give up my benafits while raising my kids. So when he retired he said well come with me and just change your last name legaly. I called the Va and SSI and ask if this was possible to do without lossing my benifits and was assured I could so long as I didn't get married. So off we went. Then 9 months latter I was told I was a common law wife and I had 12 month to pay them back without intrest or they would add the intrest on. :eek: That is why I wanted to fight it in court. I said well you said I could change my name and they said the name change had nothing to do with it. If you live with a man they concider you a common law wife and all benifits will stop!! So if you are living with a man you better watch out and if you know of a women who lived with a service man and he was killed she might not know she is intitled to the VA Benifits as a common law wife.