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Uses for Turkey Fat?

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Does anyone use turkey fat in a specific way? The tom I butchered this year had a good pound of fat in him that I have sitting in a bowl in the refridgerator. How do any of you use it? I'll render it down in a day or two.

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It's probably alike enough to chicken fat to use as dumplings or as a butter substitute for cookies. It will be very rich!
A very long time ago when I raised ducks hand over fist I made duck grease sugar cookies, and they did taste kind of ducky. I can see that in dumplings they'd be good though. Hmm. I just rendered the fat in the microwave and there's almost a quart of it! It was off a four year old tom that is going to be dinner here and a this years tom that went to a neighbor. The young tom didn't have that much in him, maybe 1/4 of what the old bird did.

I have at least 7 toms to do yet, so I'll have a lot of this before I'm done! Thanks for the idea for dumplings.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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