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Rabbit Medicine

Rabbit diseases some and poison plants below

Diagnosing pregnancy....How to palpate your pregnant? Doe

Heres 3 top equip and supply links you can request a home catalog or order on line below

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Here are few more:

commercial rabbit production

How to build a rabbit cage

Meat Rabbit husbandry, management and economics (WV,PA,MD)
American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)
Domestic Rabbits and Their Care (Mississippi State University)
Homemade Rabbit Cages (Mississippi State University)
Raising Rabbits (Kansas State University)
Raising Rabbits: Helpful Suggestions for Beginners (Washington State University)
Backyard Production of Meat Rabbits (Texas A&M)
Rabbit Production (Penn State University)
Domestic Rabbits: Diseases and Parasites (Oregon State University)
Rabbit Facilities for the Northern Plains (North Dakota State University)
Rabbit Processing (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
Rabbit Nutrition (West Virginia University)
Housing and Equipment for a Commercial Rabbitry (West Virginia University)
Selecting Breeding Stock (West Virginia University)
Slaughtering and Dressing Rabbits (Mississippi State University)
Concerns To Consider When Building Rabbit Facilities (Mississippi State University)
Starting A Rabbit Enterprise (Mississippi State University)
Commercial Rabbit Production (Mississippi State University)
Rabbit (North Dakota State University)
Rabbit Management (MO Dept of Conservation)

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A friend just lost a rabbit and I/we thought it may have been gut stasis at first. (Turns out that it WASN'T - there were no signs of intestinal problems in the necropsy.) We learned some interesting things about gut stasis, however.

If your rabbit has gut stasis, basically he stops eating and pooping and often dies within a couple of days. Apparently, stasis gets mistaken for "hairballs"/woolblock a LOT, and stasis can cause woolblock, but it's not the same condition.
For whatever reason, food slows way down in going through the rabbit's digestive tract, giving bad bacteria a chance to explode in growth. The bad bacteria release toxins into the rabbit's bloodstream and the rabbit's GI tract bloats up with gas. Not a pleasant way to die. It's a very serious condition, but if you start noticing signs, there's things you can do to save your rabbit!

Here's some more information:
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