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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently in the process of trying to ram through passage of a new “modernization” rule for conventional poultry production that would eliminate a large percentage of USDA inspectors and speed up the factory production process... But a whole new set of guidelines being proposed by the USDA will make things even worse by allowing companies to self-inspect themselves
I've heard that much of our poultry is now being shipped to China for processing, then shipped back for sale. Does anyone trust China to "self-inspect" food shipped over here to us?

“If the new rule is implemented, all chicken will be presumed to be contaminated with feces, pus, scabs, and bile and washed in a chlorine solution,” explains “Consumers will eat chicken with more chemical residue and contaminants. ... USDA wants to implement the rule immediately.”
It sounds like the USDA thinks contaminated food is safe if you wash it with bleach. :eek:

Have they become an enabler of filthy food instead of a protector of safe, clean food? I wonder where they get their food?
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