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Update on "Trial by Fire"

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Well, if you'll remember our newly aquired dairy/cheeseplant was having troubles aplenty with our calvings the first month. Due to many things but mainly a serious selelenium deficiency I came to believe.
Well, now we are into the second month and things are much better on the calving front. About a month ago I built several hanging mineral feeders and put out loose minerals for the dry cows, the dairy herd and the fresh cows. They have gone through an easy 400 lbs of mineral since then(mostly the dry cows!). I also gave all the dry cows a selenium shot since the loose minerals would not have time to be properly assimilated before they calved. Since these measures were taken, we have had exactly 0 calving difficulties. All calves have been born with ease, big and small alike. Out of mostly pure Holstien cows.
I'm sure its not *all* due to the minerals.....But I know some of it is. I look forward to seeing more changes as their bodies use the minerals they are now getting.
Had the vet out to pregcheck and all the cows but 4 were carrying live calves. 3 of those four were open and one was carrying a mummy calf. We luted the mummy carrier twice and she shed the mummy after the second shot. So she is ready to be bred back in December when we put the bull in the herd.
Just thought I'd update you all in case you were interested.
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Thanks for the update Emily and I'm glad the calving is going much smoother:)
LOL!! I was pretty impressed with that myself. Its amazing what you can do with the proper tools.
I used a drill to drill a small hole at one corner of where I wanted to cut, then used a jigsaw to do the rest, starting at that hole. It was so simple.
The herd is looking nice Emily and ya did a great job on the feeders:clap::goodjob:
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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