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Update on going off of synthroid (hypothyroidism)

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I posted over a month ago asking for info or testimonies of others who had naturally gone off synthyroid (I was looking for info for my mom). I wanted to update those who were watching the post or were too looking for info.

My mom is doing GREAT off synthroid. She started taking Rainbow Light Prenatal once a day vitamins a week or so b4 she got off synthyroid. A week b4 she stopped taking the synthroid she started taking NSI thyroid formula. (which is working GREAT for her!) She was off it (NSI) 3-4 days last week (we didn't order in time) and her thyroid felt a lil puffy and she felt a lil on edge. So we know to make sure and keep her on the vitamins, etc. and be sure to order on time. She is also doing natural progesterone creme as her girly times have been off for a long while and the progesterone creme has fixed that!!

I also read about how your temperature (basal) can tell you things about your thyroid and so she has been recording temps every a.m. Also your temp at certain times of the day can tell u if your metabolism (energy levels, we call it) are off. For example, my 20 yr old brother came home 2 days ago feeling so tired from work that he felt sick. We took his temp with a regular not basal ;) ) and it was 97.1! His body and immune system were low. He went to sleep (we kept taking the temp and it was still low in the night time) and after sleep he was norm at 98.6 again. Interesting huh?

Not many that we know thought it was wise for my mom to go off the meds, esp. unsupervised. My dear aunt said, "Well, call and tell me when her hair starts falling out." and we read of comas, heart failure, stroke, etc. even death. Mom is actually feeling 10 times better then when she was on the meds. She feels like she has her brain power back (which has been missing for 10 yrs!), she can sleep thru' the night, her energy feels better, etc.!

I think that as long as we educate ourselves on how our bodies work and why and when etc. and then research all the choices and make an informed choice we are just as safe as when we go to the dr (who has a practice). Think about the word practice. :)

If anyone has any ?s or anything, I don't mind being pm'd or ya can post on the board. :)
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