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Discussion in 'Pigs' started by Farmgirl8388, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Farmgirl8388

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    Aug 20, 2004
    Hey YAll
    I was doing some research and was wondering how often you personally or, have even heard of people using AI in Pigs, I know its not unusal, but i was just curious.
    Thanks for any Input
  2. Tango

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    Aug 19, 2002
    Using AI for pigs is very easy, compared to goats for example. The biggest problem is the timing- the older the sperm the less fertility. I Ai'd my domestic sows myself- just me and the vial. I did not succeed though; not because of the sperm which was only 24 hours old but because of the advice given to me by an idiot at the company. He told me to hold the rod at 180 degrees, which conveniently deposited the sperm in their bladders. I then purchased the AI book but went to wild pigs and never tried again. Also my sows were themselves from an AI breeding. their sire was a top Yorkshire.

  3. mamagoose

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    Nov 27, 2003
    SE Ohio
    AI is all we've ever used on pigs, cattle. I've never missed on our own stock, half of it is in heat detection. We use pg600 to bring gilts in.
  4. highlands

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    Jul 18, 2004
    Mountains of Vermont, Zone 3
    I looked into AI for our sows a few years back. I decided against it because it came out to be expensive. It was cheaper just to have a local farmer bring his boar over to, um, visit our ladies in waiting. From what I read, the AI isn't all that hard but between the cost of the semen, shipping, getting the timing right and equipment it wasn't worth it for our few sows. Especially since I wasn't experienced which meant finding someone who could help or winging it. There was nobody but our vet and he charges a pretty penny. He discouraged me and suggested the boar instead as an easier route.

    As to procedure, it involves:

    1. Heat detection - not too hard, vulva swells up ping, ladies get noisier and you see mounting behavior. Our ram tends to mount the sows when they're ready. We joke about ending up with Shigs or Peeps.

    2. Figure out your supply of semen and get the applicators (fake pig penis) sort of like a long syringe.

    3. Once you've observed a few cycles and having the timing down, order the semen so it will arrive when you need it.

    4. Expose the sows to boar scent at the right time.

    5. When the sows/gilts are in standing heat you inseminate them. Then again about 12 hours later (?).

    One of the tricks was our sows don't seem to get in sync, one is ready, then two days later another, then two days later another, etc... Supposively you can syncronize them and exposure to each other is supposed to help. Ours are all together so no help there. Exposure to boar scent is supposed to help too.

    The boar takes care of all of this by himself making it pretty easy and the one we borrowed was a real gentleman, as boars go.


    in Vermont