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Discussion in 'Cattle' started by prairiegirl, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Nov 2, 2004
    should we be weary?

    We are looking to buy 2-3 more Dexters. We have the opportunity to get a couple, but they are unregistered. We have not seen them yet, but plan to this weekend. If everything checks out with apprearance, general health, and farm management, is there any reason not to add them to our farm?

    At this time, we are not interested in showing them or becoming bigtime breeders. Raising cows is for our own use and maybe sharing the meat with others.

    Thanks for your help.

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    There's nothing wrong with raising unregistered cattle. The only real advantage to having them registered is if you are raising cattle for breeding stock and have the time to promote them to get that extra premium price. I was thinking of raising registered Longhorn to take advantage of that market which is huge, but decided I didn't have the time or money or get into it enough to make it profitable.



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    Sep 12, 2004
    There are some very nice unregistered Dexters and Dexter crosses out there. I have a lot of requests for Dexter/Jersey and Dexter/Herefords. Right now, I have a lovely little Dexter/Shorthorn heifer. One of my best cows ever was only 1/2 Dexter.

    I keep registered breeding stock and breed only purebred Dexters from my cows. I do keep other cows to breed to my purebred bull to get the crosses. Sometims someone will want a small cow that gives a little more milk. Dexter/Jersey fits the bill. Others want the white-face Hereford look in a small cow. No problem.

    The reasons for registering the purebred Dexters is to maintain accurate records of the lineage, for breeding purposes. Even people who breed Dexters usually don't register their steers, which can't be used for breeding.

    In order to be registered, there must be an unbroken paper trail of registrations in the ancestry of the Dexter you want to register. One missing link, and the animal cannot be registered. In other words, you can't buy unregistered Dexters and expect to register them. Cross bred Dexters can never be registered. After all, they're not true Dexters.

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    When dealing with a small gene pool, one also wants to use registration as a means of identifying potential relatedness issues--unless there is absolutely nothing else available, one really cannot expect to maintain genetic health or diversify genetics by breeding a daughter to her father, or brother to sister. responsible breeding uses those registrations to help make decisions...
    If purchasing unregistered stock, and using them in your own breeding program, by all means, keep your own records - treat the records as if they were part of a registered herd-- that way, your own ' farm registry' can help you make decisions later down the road...
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    There are some nice unregistered stock out there, regardless of breed. The registered as unioncreek said, adds on a few extra $$$ to the price. Also if you want to show, then that can be another reason.