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    Jan 21, 2015
    We're lovin the barn for the girls, and tractoring our males is ok. We had our first colony litters recently. We bred 4, and found 3 litters, so either the loin head rescue if fixed, or she burrowed the kits somewhere. We had to fix one nest that was poorly constructed/placed, but they are fine now. PTDC1292.JPG

    Since putting all 6 of our girls together we've noticed interesting behaviors. A non-pregnant doe who is very dominant building almost the entire nest for a meeker half-sister. I don't mean just a few bundles of hay, I mean she packed the box full of all the best grasses she could find. She did everything short of pulling fur.

    We keep a game camera in the barn to watch for monsters and found more interesting activity we'd otherwise have missed.The mothers feed each others kits and those with no kits nudge them back into the fur, and sometimes sit with them or check on them. It seems like there is a concerted community effort to help raise the kits! We were afraid there'd be aggression toward other kits, but never expected this! PTDC1781.JPG

    Anyone else have interesting behaviors? What kind of setup did you have?
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    That's really cool! Thanks for sharing!