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    Apr 15, 2017
    I feel odd asking because I usually have an answer for just about anything rabbit. I have a doe (a NZW) who with every litter kindles about 9 perfectly healthy kits and then 2 or 3 underdeveloped ones. These kits seem to be maybe 2 or 3 weeks into gestation. Why does this happen? None of my other does do this.

    We breed by putting the doe in with the buck and wait until we get 2 or 3 fall offs and then wait 8 hours and put the doe back in with the buck and wait for another 2 or 3 fall offs. We do NOT put her back in with the buck again after 2 weeks specifically to prevent a double pregnancy or underdeveloped kits.

    Is it possible that she is aborting these kits part of the way through gestation? These are not placentas or afterbirth, I am familiar with those.

    She is fed well with good quality pellets, hay, and clean water. She is not too fat or too thin, and she is the only doe of mine to EVER do it. She is from a new line from an outside barn, an unfamiliar line to me. Is this genetic? If I were to keep one of her kits, would she do it too?

    I have been debating on culling her (and keeping one of her kits) because of this. She isn't super friendly but she doesn't bite or scratch or lunge, so I've kept her for almost a year now. Would she stay or go in your barn?
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    I was hoping someone that was familiar with this would offer their thoughts. I can guess at a few reasons but they would all be just a guess. Try breeding her just one time---not the next day(8 hours later).

    A good doe that kindles about 9----I would just probably cull the under developed ones and keep her.

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    what do you mean specificly after two weeks? when you breed the Doe, you can breed her with one two three bucks? then do it again up to 12 hours later as the egg drops about 10 12 hours aft first stimulation. Do not breed again after this period! if there is a false pregnancy she should pull hair in about 14 days! at that point you know false pregnancy and may then breed her again when she will be receptive. At least this is the way I learned! never put a doe and buck together after the 12 hour mark from first breeding. otherwise it is possible to have seperate litters inside the doe due at diferent dates several days apart even? If you never breed her later than 12 hours after the first breeding there should be NO problem? all will be born because of the eggs dropping at the natural timing! breeding 10 to 12 hours after the first breeding has been used to increase litter size? hopefully? A good doe can have 14 kits easily. perhaps with one breeding she might only have 8? you can try both ways to see how the doe produce under both cercumstances? breed once, then next time try the second 10 to 12 hr. later when the eggs drop to see if she has increased litter size? best wishes? ray, these are my experiences. Perhaps others will have different opinions?