undecended testicle... advice please

Discussion in 'Pigs' started by Will1975, Apr 23, 2018.

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    Apr 23, 2018
    So I have been reading as much as I can for the last few months and finally picked up my first pigs yesterday. It was a very long drive and I work a lot so when the guy told me that when they were cut they only got one nut out and the other hadn't dropped yet but he would give me a deal if I bought the pair. So I thought what the heck I plan to give them a nice big pasture area and I have heard that boar taint is rare so I'll take a chance. Sooooo... doing a little more reading and I see that pigs can reach sexual maturity in 5-6 months, which is in like 3 months. Yep one girl on boy, it was the last two he had lucky me. What is the longest I should go before I butcher the little man. If one pig is not edible and the other pig miscarries a litter of inbred baby piggies then the wife is likely to put the kybosh to our new pig endeavor not to mention I would like to avoid this situation too! So wondering what are my options now? I wish I hadn't been so eager to bring some pigs home but moving forward what should I do now? They are f1 cross Berkshire/Hereford. Is it possible that it could drop later and be cut then? Should I plan on butchering one a lot sooner and if so how big is it likely to be and how much time do I have? Thanks
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    Nothing wrong with a July pig roast. Taint wouldn't be an issue.
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    Eat the hog. It is not worth saving for breeding stock. If you have any bitterness, then make sausage.
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    "There are Storms we can not weather". In other words we can make mistakes that cannot be corrected. I'm going along with your wife on this one.
    Often times a "deal" at the onset is the most costly further down the road. That goes for vehicles, girlfriends, scouring calves and half-castrated pigs.
    While a survey of one isn't much of a survey, but if you end up with a stinky hog, you may jump over to my side that boar taint is common. Perhaps not.
    But even if you have to resort to a clothespin on your nose when enjoying the fruits of your daily care and expenses, your real problem is cutting out the 4 week premature piglets during the butchering process. Plus hoping your wife doesn't notice the pig's swelling mammary glands on the way to slaughter.
    You need a Veterinarian to get in there and haul out that other testicle. The sooner the better. It is going to impact your profit on these two pigs. But it will serve as a valuable lesson and done right help preserve your marriage.
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    Uncommon for an internal testicle to produce viable sperm. Uncommon for taint to be an issue on a six month or so hog. Make sure the butcher is aware and takes proper precautions with the prepucial pouch and he will be fine. I got a good deal on a pregnant sow, and had no desire to feed her long enough to wean piglets that you would have to pay people to take away. Meat was a delicacy. Dogs loved the fetal piglets that were a week out from being born. Yum Yum, eat 'em up.
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    Will, don't sweat the hard stuff. OK, you should have maybe given a bit more thought to what you were doing but s**t happens and none of us are perfect (I wish). In my pig breeding days I would run mixed pens, as in sex, until they were between 5 and 7 months - and NEVER had a mis-mating despite the fact that the boars would run about thinking they were Hercules. And I've NEVER had boar taint either.

    Boar taint tends to be a controversial subject in the States and you're going to have to work it out for yourself. Personally, not something I would be putting a high priority on, especially in porkers of the 5-8 month range. But that's my opinion. Just get on and rear them - like I said, don't sweat the hard stuff!

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