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for years I've had on and off nausea and pain in my right side that sometimes wraps around to my back. my dr had my gall bladder tested about 8 years ago and said it was "border line". He was ready to schedule surgery but I questioned him about if he was sure so he thought i would be more comfortable if he sent me to a specialist. The specialist did an endoscopy and colonosopy (sp) and said I had three duodial (sp) ulcers. He prescribed carifate. I took it several months and still had symptoms - when I went back to the specialist the seem irritated and said i had a sensitive stomach and i might just have to live with it...

A lady that runs the local health food store said the drs were *&>?# and it was definately my gall bladder...? she suggested i eat celery prior to meals. it does seem to help sometimes.

Anyone know of any natural remedies for stomach ulcers and / or gall bladder problems?

Thanks - sorry it's so long.

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I had lots of pain and problems from my gal bladder a couple of years ago. I did a cleanse/flush and have not really had any problems since.
I did also change my diet, I avoid fried/fatty foods and things that seem to set it off, like pinto beans. No idea why the beans give me a gal bladder "attack" but they do.

Here is a document that has the flush I used, it will be about half way down. I tried to copy/paste it in here, but I couldn't get it to work.

Expect to stay by the bathroom when you do this. I spent the best part of 2 days in there on the throne! BUT I felt 100% better. No more pain in my side, and no more excruciating diarrhea (of course, that usually just followed a bing on fatty foods)

A friend of mine was going through the exact same symptoms as I was, at the same time. She had surgery. I told her no way I was gonna be cut open, and I told her about the flush.

Her DH still teases me about my 'lube job' on the gal bladder.
But... it worked really well. Very worth it.

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Seeing your post, I thought that I would share my experience with the below recipe and protocol.

Dr. Hulda Clark's recipe worked for me. I had literally thousands of small stones come out. I used a strainer similar to the one shown on her site. I should have taken pictures.

She suggests once a month for severe cases. The larger ones come out in the following months. I only did this once. My family was totally grossed out. So next time I do this I will stay in a hotel.

It's only olive oil, apple juice, epsom salts, and lemon or grapefruit juice. The only harm is getting a huge stone caught in a bile duct. But more apple juice and especially olive oil should work it out, and of course more flushes.

Good luck. I hope you don't opt for surgery.
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