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"Uhm,mmm,...mmm, good! Uhmm"

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Sorry I didn't have enough to share with you, but I thought of you. Just had a big Wild Onion dinner. First one this season. I loaded two of my kids up this afternoon and we went down on the river to see if any wild onions are growing yet and to our surprize they are some that are already 8 - 10 inches tall. Tho they were kind of sparse for that tall, but we did pick enough smaller ones to season our eggs with. "Delicious", you people better go and pick you some.
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Sounds good! Our patch isn't ready yet, I'm going to keep a close eye on them.
Spring must be right around the corner! :D
How do you guys cook yours? I like mine sauteed in hot butter.
Carol K
Yum Carol, I love them that way too!
I like them cooked in bacon grease too, and in butter with garlic.
After we wash them and cut the roots off we chop them up. Then we wilt them in bacon grease for a few minutes then add water and boil till tender. When tender we add scrambled eggs, enough to bind the onions together. Salt to desired taste and serve. Goes good with a big pot of brown beans and cornbread.
Sorry...can't hear you over the crunch of my spring favorite...Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies washed down with tawny port!
:haha: :haha: :haha: Soni, that sounds good too!

R.h., I'm gonna give that recipe a try!
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