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U-Build Machine & Power Tools Catalog

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Build your own Power Tools and SAVE! New web catalog features: U-Build Wood & Metal Turning Lathes and accessories, Two Speed Band Saw (cuts wood & metal) Power HackSaw, 4-in. Jointer, Vertical Table for Table Saw, One-on-One 3-D Carving Duplicator, Hot-Dip Galvanizing at Home (weatherproof shop-made parts & fittings) Poor Man's Sand-Blaster (No compressor required) Build Custom Gun Cabinets (for spare cash) Power Carving (for fun & profit), Waste Oil Burners (Free Heat) Arc-Welding Gun, Sheet Metal Brakes, Metal Benders, Metal Melting Furnaces, Much, Much, More! All Guaranteed! All U-BUILD! Visit catalog at: www.poor and SAVE!
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ed/IL said:
The link you posted does not work.
The link works if you take the idiot's space out of it, but why bother? They don't even have a real email address on their web page, just an AOL address. Smells of a scam or cheater. Posting here as an unregestered guest with such a self-centered ad? I sure wouldn't do business with the likes of that.

Sorry if I sound harsh, but i get 8-20 email spams a day, and the dark underbelly of internet advertising is like fingernails on a chaulkboard to me - just makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.


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