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Another novice question for you experienced sheep folks...

I recently bought a small herd, 6 ewes and 2 rams. The rams are from different bloodlines so I would like to keep both so that I can breed the opposite's offspring to the opposing ram...I have a relatively small(by design) stall they are in, about 6x12 with lots of tires on the ground to prevent them from getting upto "ramming" speed...and everyday I run them out into a small pasture for fresh air/grass. Problem is, unless I watch them while they are out, within a few minutes they usually try to kill each other (butting heads with an unbeleivable force and speed!).

Question is: what is normal, or best practive when keepign two rams? Should I just keep them seperated from each other, with seperate shelter and seperate pasture? DO they need to be out of sight from each other to? Or do I house them together, but also provide them a very small outside area, also littered with obstacles to prevent getting up speed?

Expect for the fact that they occasionaly try to kill each other, I do beleive they prefer being together than seperate, and I'd like to raise/keep them as humanely as possible, but I can't risk a serious injury and can't afford to spend the time monitoring them when they are out..

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