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Is that normal? Well, it depends on the breed.
What you describe is one reason I stopped breeding certain breeds.

But, I was lucky, I found a breed, and no kidding, I could just put all the Rams together with no problems, even after breeding season. Nothing needed to be done in a special manner. The Rams, would jump up and down on their hind legs, come down, and barely touch heads.. then they were best buds. Not once did I ever see one Ram each other.
Could walk in the pasture at breeding time, and never once had a Ram even look at me. Well, unless I had the food. Then he would follow me calmly with the rest of the ewes.
But with any Ram no matter how gentle, I always kept and eye on him.

It is up to you, what you want to put up with. There are a few good gentle Rams out there.

For me, Ram temperament was very important, along with conformations and fleece Quality.
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