Two Kubota questions

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by moopups, Jun 8, 2005.

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    I have a early 80's B8200 with 3 cylinder D950 engine, engine was blown when I got it so I found a D950 engine to replace the bad one. That engine was off a commerical mower so I had to change out the external engine parts and oil pan, ect. The problem is that I have two different harmonic balancers, which to use? One is about 5 inched diameter, the other is 4.5 inches. One is heavy, the other lighter. One is marked D75, the other D85, again which to use or insite on where to get the info.

    Second question, the oil filter from Kubota cost an arm and part of a leg, NAPA has a filter #1065 or a WIX filter #51065, anybody got a cross referance chart to a less exspensive brand?
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    Fram has a really nice cross reference list

    look along the upper left side, Oil filters, then a pull down tab says, xreference.
    put in Kubota for the manufacturer, you'll need to Kubota part ## though.

    Sure got that right about $$$ - they get $11 for any of my B7800's filters locally, but... 2-3 of them are Xref to Fram, and about 1/3 the cost!

    Oil is another BIG $$ item, until I found out Mobil 1 makes a diesel oil... Cheaper & better oil than the Citgo oil the dealer wanted to sell me! (and they had the nerve to say I'd void the warrenty if I used something other than Kubota oil...??? huh? when did Kubota buy out Citgo?)

    Can't answer the ?? about the harmonic balancer, sorry!