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Discussion in 'Cattle' started by Karin L, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Oct 5, 2006
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    I asked this on another forum that I'm on, but thought I'd post here too because I'm asking about the cattle business, and since this is a cattle forum, I'm thinking about my future as being a part of it.

    I've been asked when I've told friends and family what I'm taking in school what I plan on going in to after my schooling is done, and you know, my answer is always "beef". But now, I'm starting to think that "beef" is such a broad spectrum, y'know, that there's sooo many feilds in the business that I can go into, like genetics, behaviour analyzing, farming/ranching (cow-calf, feedlot, backgronding), and the list goes on and on. I know I still have a ways to go yet in my education, I'm still young and still a lot of learning to do, but I'm just thinking in the long run, what can I do?? what sort of oportunities are there out there for me that I know I will want to do??....

    I've also been asked "does that mean you're going into vet school?" and I say that I really dont know. I mean I could, but it's just that, well, it would be neat to go into vet medicine, especially the large animal practice, but, y'know, there's so many other factors involved that also determines whether I can go into this sort of thing or not.

    Maybe I'm asking too much from all of you on this, but I'm seriously thinking about this so's I can be prepared to face the important aspects of going into and being directly involved in the beef business in the future, like a few years from now.

    I'm asking for help on this, and need two cents from y'all so I know where I want to take this An Sci bachelor degree and put it into some good use in the future.

    Thanks in advance. :help:
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    Nov 28, 2005
    Hmmn....Why Limit yourself to one option?...Life is a wild ride...You may find yourself in a career or in a place that you never in a million years would have dreamed possible. The Perfect Career, The Perfect Life...are like the Horizon - We are always moving towards them! Most important is find humor and reward in every day on the way there. :)

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    Going into a more specialized field is alright to a point but it limits your job opportunities. I have a degree in agronomy which is a very broad field and work for the USDA ARS maintaining the national seed collection ofcool season grasses . I would dearly love to move back to Montana, but it will never happen since the only ARS station is in Sidney which is on the eastern part of the state.

    It's alright to specialize, but keep your options open. Talk to some of your professors and get their opinions or better yet talk to someone in the areas you are considering. You need to do something that you enjoy or your career will be a drag.

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    If you want to go to vet school in Canada, you pretty much need to know now. It's very hard to get into and the competition is made up mainly of people with no intention of ever practising, they're just professional students or people wanting to pad their resumees for the research field. When my neighbour was in vet school which was only 5 years ago he was the only one there out of an ag program and the only one who went into ag practice. Most of the others went on to other graduate programs. One of his fellow students was a women in her mid-40s who had never been out of university, already had 4 PhDs and went on to another to avoid ever having to repay her student loans.
    Keep your options open. Depending on how much dairy is in the area, hoof trimming is a very good option to keep open so if they offer a course take it. My hoof trimmer makes $100/hour with an investment of about $12,000 in equipment.