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Two antique sewing wheel ID's?

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Hi, I have two antique sewing wheels but I cannot seem to find who made them. Any help apprecaited. See photos.


2nd wheel; has no markings:




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Yes I know. I also know that it would be hard to look up the maker of something if you don't even know what it is.
Thanks. I couldn't seem to find anything on them because I got the name wrong. So, thank you for enlightening me on the name.
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What is a sewing wheel, and what would you do with them? What you have are pictures of spinning wheels, and they were often made by local craftsman, with no brand name.
You use them as car tires.
Found info on the first one...

>>Scottish settler in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia in the 1820s – 1840's.
>>Makers mark: W. M.Dld. (McDonald)

Now to find the 2nd one...
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