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these wheels were most likely handmade, and back aroun 1840 to 1870, roughly. No manual. I collect them and when I get too many I sell them. I think better pics of the working area would help a lot in IDing them
the "stick" with the light colored yarn on it has no relationship to the wheel. It is a seprarte thing called a "drop spindle' thaa is also used to spin yarn. There is a registry of makers marks somewhere on line and since the one is signed, I'd try to look it up. All I can get from it is W McD....??. If you intend to sell them do not expect big money due to age as they are missing all the vital parts for spinning. They are difficult t sell, trust me. Right before covid, I sold two and one was dated and signed to 1790...good luck!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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