twin troubles

Discussion in 'Goats' started by bethlaf, Mar 18, 2005.

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    May 26, 2004
    well, since it doesnt always go the way you want it , today was case in point, our doe Greta went into labor, ok , not a problem , after 2 hours, i knew it was a problem , internal exam ,i reach in and all i can feel is goatling ribs, ....and backbone, all right, so were sideways, how do we get sideways? i dunno, i figured it was a twin , but wasnt sure, could have just been a confused kid
    ( actually, the real thought to myself was , must be a buckling)
    so im inside, and i dont have the smallest hands, i wear size 9 ring, so i am always hesitent about having to go in ,but reaching back in deeper i find a leg, cant find head, cant find other leg, what to do, meanwhile mom is protesting the intrusion , and deeply in labor, thank god shes one of my better does before this she had stolen my ritz crackers and drank all my celesetial seasonings hot tea(cranberry apple zinger) so i knew she was fueled for this, but , anyhow, i tried but couldnt get the little bugger to turn, i felt , i thought another bag of waters, so , finally she just kept pushing and i had to help her get him out , he was , unfortunatelyDOA he came out , folded in half, middle of his back first, so i can imagine the pain poor Greta was in , ive never seen a goat born like this, ive seen full backwards, and head first,no feet, but never sideways, but the positive flip side, is he came with a beautiful chamoise doeling sister, and i do mean little, you can see by the pictures, shes tiny maybe 4 lbs!!!
    shes up on her feet, has drunk looks to be doing good, thankfully the day has warmed up , and all should be fine now on to the sow, she better not need help ;)
    ive got pictures up of her, and the birth , i put pics up of the baby first, so numericly they go from higher to lower, if you dont want close up to the appearance of momma goats tush with a hand in it, i would suggest only looking at the first 3 pictures

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    May 10, 2002
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    I know what you mean about "going in" !! I'm not a tiny hands person either but have done it a couple of times. Afterwards I usually give the doe a day or two or penicillin. Just in case of any infection from the ordel. But usually she is fine. Sorry about the buck.. I have noticed also if the kid is hanging out of Momma for any length of time with no results you best clean their faces and noses clear to they can breathe before actually hitting the grournd. Lost a couple over the years because I didn't want to intrude. Good Luck with your new baby...Spring must surely be on the way !!

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    Jul 24, 2004

    I tried this link and could only find 1 picture.

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    Feb 3, 2005
    Me too but it's a very sweet picture! Adorable baby!