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Ive searched the forum, but did not find any post that answered my questions. Ive got two turkeys trying to die on me:

1- was attacked by a raccoon and has an injured wing and a hole in her neck. When she eats or drinks it comes out the hole. I put gauze and vet wrap on the neck and am giving her tetroxyHCA-280. She's eating and drinking but not really improving after 3 days. She wont walk, but seems ok to sit outside. At night she's in a crate. Should I change the antibiotics to something else? Is there anything else to do for her? I thought about sewing up the hole, but im guessing there's also a hole in the esophagus.

2- nothing obvious wrong except for a closed eye (no runny eyes or nostrils). Will not eat and im giving food and tetroxyHCA-280 with a syringe. He went off about 3 days after the raccoon attacked. Its been 3 days in the sick unit and all the others seem fine. Again, I wonder if the antibiotics are the best route.

I cant find a vet that takes turkeys close by and Im sure it will be expensive. I appreciate any advice from all you experienced turkey owners out there.

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