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Turbo Cancers?

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Dr. Krüger, MD, is a pathologist who specializes in diseases of the breast. Her lecture concerned changes in breast cancer cases following introduction of Spike generating genetic drug therapy. :

Dr. Cole, a Pathologist makes the same observations:
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All the anecdotal examples of ca's that appeared or accellerated can be attributed to mere coincidence. It happens all the time, with or without any vax...A vax does not "impair" the immne system. It recruits it to do its duty. The concept that the vax has caused those sorts of problems would be more credible if they could come up with a mechanism to explain it...but they cqn't....BTW-- your Dr.Goldman is pepeating a common misconception-- Those with an impaired immune system can't properly benefit from a vax because they have an impaired immune system. A vax is less likely to work for them.

BTW- I'm not vaxxed....Artificial things like that merely causes a weakening of the gene pool. The vaxxed may survive this go 'round, but may be less able to survive the next-- particularly true for this mRNA vax which is only directed against one antigen, not the multiple antigens of natural immunity.
It seems to me that you are out of hand rejecting the idea that the gene therapy injections cause damage, based on govt data.

Is that an accurate observation?
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