Trying to find ways for wife to quit job

Discussion in 'Countryside Families' started by Jc05, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Jc05

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    Aug 18, 2005
    My wife would like some ideas on ways to make money at home. Not looking to get rich, but we have our bills paid down to the point where with my check, after all our bills are paid each month, groceries, my gas for work and with my wife staying home and keeping our son(no more daycare), we would have about $210 a month extra money left over. But you know how little extra's have a way of dipping into your extra money!
    Financial Situation:
    We've paid off the house and her car and there isn't really anything else to cut. The only bills we have left are a land payment (can't pay it off at this time/but it was bought from friend and is a zero interest loan)Phone bill, Satellite bill(gotta have some extras), Electric, a Dr. bill($50 a month/no interest), car and house insurance every 6 months. After these are paid, we would have about $750 a month extra left over, but then we average about $300 a month on groceries and I drive 45 miles each way to work and spend about $240 a month on gas, truck gets only about 20mpg, but is paid for and relatively reliable. So after gas and groceries, about $210 left over.
    We have 7k in savings and about $6,500 in checking. I put in 6.5% in my 401k and get a 10% match from my employer, and I have a good family plan for health insurance.
    Right now, my wife works 3rd shift from 10:00 pm to 6:00am and then due to the closing of our sons daycare, she's keeping him days(small town only 3 other daycares and they are full.
    She's been selling some Avon and she has a lead where she can sew from home from her last job at a sewing factory that might have potential, she looks into that more on Friday. Not talking about making a whole lot of money. If she could make $60-$75 a week to pay for my gas getting to work or for our monthly groceries that would give us a $400-$500 a month cushion.
    Appreciate any opinions and ideas
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    Oct 15, 2004
    Sounds like you all have your finances well under control. Good for you. My first thought about making money at home is that if the daycares are full could your wife perhaps babysit one or two children for someone else who is working? I'd suggest two children from different families so that if for some reason she didn't get the money from one family one week she'd have a back-up source of income.

  3. AngieM2

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    May 10, 2002
    along the lines of what melba said.

    What if only an afterschool and school holidays type of babysitting?

  4. Tracy Rimmer

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    May 9, 2002
    Manitoba, Canada
    Check out a book called "Shattering the Two-Income Myth" -- it gives daily tips for doing things that will, over a year, probably save the equivalent of her salary.

    Good luck. It can be done. :)

  5. Wendy

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    May 9, 2002
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    I was going to suggest sitting for a child or two also. Or possibly an elderly person. I know some people would love to have someone watch over their parent during the day while they are at work.
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    May 12, 2002
    I stay home and we did a budget on if I could stay home or work. We found out that I would cost him money if I worked. :help:

    If you stay home you save on daycare, gas, car insurance, wear/tear, meals out, clothing for work, coutless other things for their convience since there is no "time", beauty/spa costs, makeup...... The lists go on and on.

    If she stays home be prepared as it is not "fun" all the time. Being a stay at home mom is boring, lonely, repetitious, dull, isolating, and "unsexy" to most people. Being there for your kids when they need you is priceless. I wanted to be a Mom, I didn't want someone else to raise them.

    It is hard being lonely, yes you can get out and "meet" people and go places but scooting around in a car all the time is very expensive. Going places almost always involves paying for something. We go to town and it always corresponds w/ a meal, Have to stop and go to the potty and a QT is nearby so have to get a refill, if wondow shopping things will jump into your cart. The little thing are what add up.

    Answering "What did you do today dear?", can be very depressing when instead of winning a new account or wowing a boss or discussing a new stratagy w/ coworkers you cleaned up puke in the carpet twice, wiped up spilled food, scrubbed crayon off the wall, and vaccumed 3 times in one afternoon and the house still looks like a tornado hit. :flame:

    I would go to walmart to buy "essentials" just so I could have a 60 sec. adult "chat" w/ the Walmart girl. :help: We needed everything I bought I just didn't need 10 boxes of Puffs, 4 bags of TP and 3 can of Comet. :p

    I combated boredom by starting up the farm. I have sold eggs, goats(profitable) , rabbits ( very profitable), and now raising a few pigs. I started w/ the animals by myself then DH got into it and we are expanding and going to move to a much bigger place. We are not "making money" that way but we are breaking even and getting the ag tax break whick does save money. When we git to our new place we should be big enough to see some profits.

    A home based business is a wonderful thing. Start small and work up. Do what you love. Consulting, crafting, cooking, computers, there are many things can can work great as a home business. Good luck you can do it.
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    Aug 28, 2006
    I am unsure of your location but how about house cleaning. People are more than willing to pay 30-50 weekly for cleaning services. If your wife found just 2 houses that would allow her to take your son along, all the better. Would involve only a couple of days a week out of the house. An inexpensive ad in the classifieds might be a good test.

    Another business enterprise taking root is cooking for shut-ins. Whether ill or just elderly, there are people willing to pay for someone to bring in well balanced meals on a weekly basis that the customer can just microwave or pop in the oven. A local home health aid company might be a place to make contacts about it.

    And my last thought is actually a paper route. I have a half sister that has been doing this for years. When her children were small, she just put them in the car seats and took them along with her. I know she told me that the tips at Christmas time were awesome.

    Just a few thoughts.
  8. Kris in MI

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    May 29, 2002
    you have received alot of good suggestions.

    Have you thought about how your wife staying home may affect the amounts you spend for things you will still need, like groceries? Unless she is already cooking from scratch, your grocery bill can go down when she is at home and has 'more' time to spend cooking. Less prepared (boxed/frozen/canned) meals bought and the groceries instead become solely 'ingredients': meat, veggies, fruit, flour, sugar, butter, etc.

    Also, if her car gets better gas mileage than your truck, would there be any reason you couldn't drive the car to work and leave the truck at home for her use? More savings.

    I have not had a paying job since before my 4th child (now 9yo) was born. The six of us have lived (and bought land and built our home and bought animals) solely on dh's paycheck. Staying home, I have made it my job to stretch his paycheck. If that means I spend alot of time gardening, canning, cooking, taking care of the food animals, bargain hunting, sewing, etc, so be it.
  9. squeakyzig

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    Dec 21, 2006
    Cooking for business people is taking off also. You have a menu, (meat, veggies, bread,etc) they choose how ever many items, however many meals and the meals are either delivered or the client picks them up.