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Try living green in the city

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It's a struggle because the neighbors can't mind there own business. Got a letter in the mail today from code enforcment because of weeds over 12" high.......well what they are calling weeds are raspberry bushes that I planted......I read the code and it states that decorative and crop plants are exempt. Time to call the code enforcer and appeal. I think I will let my lawn grow out as it is all clover and I raise bees, so I can call it my honey crop :) I try hard to stay under the radar as I am riding a really fine line with the bees and the Laying Ducks. The neighbors are mad about the compost bin, but that was given to me by the city:D and the rain barrels too...... They are really reasonable, but the code is open for interpretation so they can get you on anything if you get on there bad side.......
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Sonshe said:
But what if you can't move? What if you're "stuck" in the city?
I think Abe Lincoln ended slavery... :rolleyes:

There are quite a few folks that don't get around as good as they use too, living out here in the country.

Personally, I'm glad we have cities... otherwise I'd have more folks living out here wanting to be my neighbor...
katydidonce said:
I may be moving, reluctantly, back home to 3 very neglected, deer infested acres to care for my 88 year old father,
Katy, deer infestation eh? He isn't in E. tx by any chance? I've got a sure fire remedy for those kind of infestations!!! :rolleyes:
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