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Triplets to start/Triplets to finish

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Candy started on 3/17 with a hugh buckling that was sideways. I could not move him so the vet came out and got him out with two doelings to follow.

3/18 Claire 1B/1D
4/7 Snickers 1B/1D
4/8 Betty 1B
4/15 Twix 2B
4/18 Bea 1B/1D
4/23 Bonny 2B
4/26 Suzy 2D

Today Patsy ended it with triplets with the 1st one coming out with one hock first. I pushed the leg back in but could not get the hoofs out so it came out tail first. 1B/2D.

10 Bucklings and 9 Doelings - I am exhausted:)
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Congratulations!! That sure is alot of babies, it's like you just tripled your little herd.
Wow! can't wait to see the pictures ;) Congrats..get some rest!
I was surprized to get this many. Candy is the only 2nd freshener. All of the others were my babies from last year. My first 2 bucklings(6 weeks old) weighed in at 35lbs today! Oh my feed bill!!! Off to check on the herd :)
Congratulations on the new additions to your herd. I know you're going to let us see pictures, right? :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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